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Providing our customers an unfaltering commitment to service and calibration.

Calibration Company Offers Precision Services: Expert Calibration for Your Equipment!

Experience the pinnacle of calibration precision with EML Calibration in Maine. Our profound expertise spans many industries – from manufacturing and healthcare to the exacting demands of aerospace – delivering calibration services that transcend expectations through meticulous accuracy. Within our cutting-edge calibration laboratory, we wield the latest technological advancements to uphold the highest quality standards for electronic and mechanical tool calibration. Distinguished by our unwavering commitment to faultless traceability and adherence to industry benchmarks, EML Calibration’s uncompromising processes ensure each calibration solution is tailored with laser focus to your unique requirements. Discover an unprecedented new echelon of calibration excellence, where precision and reliability converge to elevate your operations.

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Find a Calibration Service Company

EML Calibration provides calibration services in Maine.

EML Calibration stands out for its reliability and expertise, guaranteeing Maine accurate and efficient calibration services. We aim to surpass our customers’ expectations by offering high-quality calibration services tailored to their needs.

Companies That Offer Calibration Services

EML Calibration offers calibration services in Maine.

In Maine, EML Calibration is among the select companies specializing in calibration services across a broad spectrum of precision measurement needs. We are committed to excellence and precision in our services, ensuring our customers receive accurate and trustworthy results for their equipment.

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Calibration Services

EML Calibration provides calibration services in Maine.

EML Calibration excels in offering high-quality calibration services to address a wide range of precision measurement requirements. Our unwavering commitment to our customers in Maine ensures that their instruments undergo calibration with utmost accuracy.

As a leading provider, we prioritize precision and reliability. Our team is adept at handling calibration for various instruments, assuring exceptional outcomes. Choose EML Calibration for your comprehensive calibration needs in Maine.

Instrument Calibration

EML Calibration offers instrument calibration services in Maine.

At EML Calibration in Maine, we ensure precision and reliability in instrument calibration services through detailed processes. We pride ourselves on providing accredited calibration services and demonstrating an unwavering dedication to excellence. Instrument calibration is critical to our operations, and we emphasize accuracy to fulfill our clients’ requirements.

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Calibration Laboratory

EML Calibration provides calibration laboratory services in Maine.

Our calibration laboratory at EML Calibration features the latest technology, ensuring precise and dependable services for our clients in Maine. Our dedication to unparalleled service is evident in the thorough processes of our calibration laboratory. We recognize the critical nature of accurate calibration services, which drives us to maintain an exemplary facility that addresses our clients’ varied needs.

Calibration Equipment

EML Calibration ensures the reliability of calibration services in Maine through rigorous equipment standards.

In Maine, EML Calibration’s laboratory is outfitted with state-of-the-art calibration equipment, crucial for ensuring measurement accuracy. Our commitment to service excellence involves regularly calibrating and maintaining our tools and adhering to the highest quality standards.

Calibration Standards

EML Calibration adheres to stringent calibration standards in Maine.

At EML Calibration, we adhere to strict calibration standards to assure accuracy and quality. As an ISO/IEC-accredited company in Maine, we are dedicated to maintaining superior calibration standards for all measuring instruments, offering comprehensive calibration and repair services that meet the highest industry standards.

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Calibration Certificates

EML Calibration in Maine recognizes the significance of calibration certificates in ensuring the reliability and accuracy of measuring instruments. These certificates prove that your equipment has undergone professional calibration, affirming its accuracy and reliability.

EML Calibration issues detailed and accurate calibration certificates, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Calibration Procedures

EML Calibration follows rigorous calibration procedures in Maine.

At EML Calibration in Maine, our calibration procedures are meticulously designed to ensure the precision and reliability of each calibration. Adhering to stringent protocols, we aim to meet the highest industry standards, underscoring our commitment to excellence.

Measurement Accuracy

EML Calibration in Maine is dedicated to achieving the highest measurement accuracy through our calibration procedures. Our ISO-accredited services reflect our commitment to accuracy, playing a pivotal role in various industries.

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On-Site Torque
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EML Calibration specializes in metrology to ensure precision in calibration services in Maine.

Our metrology expertise at EML Calibration ensures unparalleled precision in our calibration services. Metrology is integral to our commitment, guaranteeing that every service meets the strictest standards.


EML Calibration ensures traceability in calibration services in Maine.

EML Calibration prioritizes traceability in our calibration processes, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of our clients in Maine. This commitment to traceability ensures the validity of our calibration results, reinforcing our dedication to top-tier service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend annual equipment calibration for optimal performance and compliance with industry standards. At EML Calibration, we prioritize precision and dependability, ensuring your instruments consistently meet or exceed the required standards.

Calibration adjusts your equipment for accuracy, while certification verifies that it meets specific standards post-calibration. EML Calibration offers both services, ensuring your equipment remains precise and reliable.

EML Calibration offers onsite calibration services to meet your needs conveniently and efficiently. Our experts ensure your equipment is accurately calibrated, minimizing downtime and maintaining your operations’ efficiency.

The calibration process typically requires 1-2 hours, balancing thoroughness with efficiency. Our team is committed to prompt service delivery without compromising the quality of our calibration services.

EML Calibration serves various industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and manufacturing. Our expertise ensures we excel at meeting the specific calibration requirements of these sectors.

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EML Calibration is dedicated to excellence and precision in all our calibration services. Our expert technicians are committed to fulfilling each client’s unique needs, ensuring the highest accuracy and reliability.

Trust EML Calibration for all your calibration needs in Maine, and witness the difference our commitment makes.