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Calibration Services

Providing our customers an unfaltering commitment to service and calibration.

EML’s calibration laboratory has been equipped to meet your needs.

When every minuscule difference can make all the difference, you need precise measurements. With EML Calibration, you get just that and more.

Understanding calibration services is essential. From electrical to mass and weight calibrations, these services can enhance your accuracy, quality, and savings.

Choosing the best calibration provider is not just about basics; certificates and traceability matter too.

With 25 years in the business of precision, EML Calibration Services based in Nashville, TN, has what it takes to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Calibration Services

You’ve probably heard the term calibration, but do you really know what it means?

It’s not just a technical term thrown around in scientific circles. Proper calibration has profound implications for almost every field that relies on accurate measurements.

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What is Calibration?

Calibration is essentially a process where the readings of an instrument or system are compared to a known standard to ensure accuracy. Inaccurate measurements can cause significant problems in many fields, so calibration services play an important role in maintaining measurement accuracy. Calibration standards set the benchmark for all measurements.

The calibration interval, which is how often you should calibrate your instruments, depends on various factors such as the importance of the measurements and how frequently you use the device. There are different calibration levels too – basic checks against a known standard or more complex accredited calibrations that meet rigorous international standards.

Why is Calibration Important?

Ensuring the accuracy of your instruments through regular checks against known standards is pivotal for the reliability and validity of your data. That’s why calibration is vital.

Through a standard calibration procedure, accurate measurements are secured, which minimizes measurement uncertainties.

When you utilize a professional calibration service like EML Calibration, you’re investing in precision and certainty. We offer traceable calibrations which adds an extra layer of credibility to your work.

Here are some key reasons why you should consider incorporating regular calibration programs:

  • Ensuring consistent quality
  • Compliance with regulations or standards
  • Increased customer confidence
  • Minimized risk of errors or product recalls


Always remember: An investment in reliable calibration services pays dividends in terms of quality control and peace of mind.

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On-Site Torque

Understanding Calibration: Ensuring Precision in Measurements

Calibration services play a pivotal role in ensuring accurate measurements. Using a professional calibration procedure reduces measurement uncertainties that could impact your work negatively.

From handheld DMMs and oscilloscopes to 26.5GHz spectrum analyzers and signal sources, EML Calibration Services is your source for calibration and repair services.

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Every piece of equipment used for measurement needs to be checked and adjusted periodically to ensure it’s providing precise results.

Calibration laboratories use a known calibration standard to compare and adjust your instrument’s readings. This guarantees the highest possible level of measurement accuracy. Once this process is complete, you’ll receive a calibration certificate as proof of your equipment’s accuracy.

Never underestimate the importance of regular calibration because it is key to maintaining precision in all measurements.

Types of Calibration Services

At EML Calibration, we service a wide variety of instruments in various industries. Our services offered vary as much as our clientele. From dimensional calibration to flow calibration, we should have a method to service your needs.

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Dimensional Calibration

When dealing with dimensional calibration, it’s incredibly useful in ensuring your equipment’s measurements are precise and accurate. As your calibration service provider, we will use specialized calibration devices to check the dimensions of your tools.

In this process:

  • Calibration labs play a crucial role in maintaining the precision of your instruments.
  • One of our dedicated calibration technicians ensures that every detail is checked for accuracy.
  • The calibration validity is confirmed, giving you peace of mind that your operations are reliable.


With such comprehensive calibration service solutions, you can be certain that any inaccuracies are spotted and corrected promptly.

Dimensional calibration thus becomes an indispensable part of keeping your machinery calibrated correctly. This ultimately aids in maintaining operational efficiency while upholding quality standards in all tasks carried out with these tools.

Electrical Calibration

In the realm of electrical calibration, this process is equally vital for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of electronic equipment. It is all about ensuring precise measurements, making it a cornerstone in many industry sectors.

Electrical calibrators are key tools used by calibration service labs to provide top-notch instrument calibration services. These labs offer specialized calibration services, including the crucial step of calibration correction. This procedure rectifies any deviations detected during the assessment phase.

Employing these labs for your needs can save time and resources while optimizing performance levels. Regular checks with an accredited provider are not just good practice—it is essential for keeping electronic assets operating at peak efficiency.

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Temperature Calibration

Temperature calibration is another crucial aspect that ensures temperature-sensitive equipment performs accurately and consistently. As you seek a reliable temperature calibration service, consider the offerings of different calibration service suppliers. Our team at EML Calibration provides calibration services for industrial uses to ensure instruments are working at optimum levels.

You’ll notice various calibration service levels – from basic checks to comprehensive adjustments. When you choose EML Calibration, we’ll cater to your specific needs with a prompt calibration turnaround time too to maintain your operation’s flow.

Accurate calibration services aren’t optional – they’re vital. With 25 years of industry experience, we have a proven record, employing the right calibration method within an established calibration chain. Our process guarantees accuracy, building trust with all stakeholders involved in your enterprise.

Force and Torque Calibration

Force and torque calibration is just as vital as ensuring precision in measurements for various industrial applications. You need a reliable calibration service to guarantee the accuracy of your equipment.

EML Calibration provides top-notch services you can rely on. As your calibration partner, we’ll provide well-trained calibration personnel to handle all your needs.

Calibration companies play an essential role in maintaining optimal performance of your devices. We can offer comprehensive services which may include not only force and torque calibration but also necessary calibration repair if required.

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Flow Calibration

As you navigate through various aspects of measurement, don’t overlook the need for an impeccable flow calibration service. Your commercial calibration requirements can be catered by EML Calibration with our accredited calibration service options.

Our laboratory for calibration possesses unmatched expertise in ensuring that your instruments measure flow rate accurately and reliably. In addition, we offer pressure calibration service to complement our comprehensive suite of solutions.

With our unrivaled calibration expertise, we’re dedicated to providing you with precise results so your operations can run smoothly. Trust us to uphold the highest standards in every single one of our services.

Pressure Calibration

Pressure calibration helps ensure your devices are consistently accurate when measuring various levels of pressure. This process involves using pressure calibrators to adjust your equipment such as pressure switches and pressure transmitters, all essential tools within various industries.

As your calibration servicer, we can play a significant role in this procedure, allowing for correct readings from your pressure-measuring devices every time.

Once we’ve completed servicing, we’ll provide a certificate of calibration, guaranteeing that you’re maintaining compliance with industry standards. It’s an assurance that the measurements provided by your instruments are precise and reliable, eliminating any room for error or doubt.

Without adequate calibration, you risk inaccurate results which can lead to potential issues down the line.

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Mass and Weight Calibration

Imagine you’re working with mass flow meters or a platform scale. You’ve loaded objects and you need accurate weight measurements. That’s where load cell calibration comes into play. Regular calibration ensures the weight of objects loaded is measured accurately, providing quality calibrations that are critical for your operations.

It’s not just about a single component; it involves an entire calibration program. Whether you’re dealing with tiny fractions or hefty masses, regular calibration maintains the integrity of your readings. Don’t overlook this crucial process.

Make sure that your equipment undergoes quality calibrations regularly for reliable and precise results every time.

The Benefits of Calibration: Accuracy, Quality and Cost Savings

By using a calibration service, you’re ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your equipment. EML Calibration delivers comprehensive calibration of your measurement equipment. One of the benefits of using our calibration service is that we follow the measurement traceability pyramid, which guarantees precision at every level. This results in complete calibration confidence for you.

The cost of calibration varies depending on several factors like the type and complexity of your equipment. Often, this expense is offset by the peace of mind knowing that you’ll get accurate measurements every time and maintain your company’s integrity and quality of workmanship.

So go ahead and invest in a reliable calibration service; it’s definitely worth it for your business’ efficiency and credibility.

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Choosing the Right Calibration Provider: Tips for Accuracy Assurance

You understand the benefits of using a calibration service but wonder how to choose the best calibration service provider? We’re confident that choosing EML Calibration, an accredited calibration laboratory, for your measurement device is the best choice. But we understand the importance of due diligence.

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When looking for the right calibration provider, make sure they have these EML Calibration properties: 

  • A complete calibration service that offers a series of calibration services. 
  • Compliance with all necessary calibration regulations.
  • Accredited laboratory; this indicates their processes meet recognized standards.
  • Positive customer reviews.

Exploring Calibration Beyond the Basics: Certificates, Records, and Traceability

The pyramid shows how each step in the process links back to national standards set by authorized bodies. It provides assurance that all measurements are reliable and valid.

Calibration services aren’t just about getting a certificate; it’s also about ensuring the validity of your calibration. Our calibration technicians at our certified labs conduct traceable calibrations to provide you with accurate calibration records. These documents are pivotal in maintaining a measurement traceability pyramid.

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EML Calibration Services: 25 Years of Excellence in Precision

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When you choose EML Calibration Services, recognized with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation by the esteemed Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, you’re getting specialists in providing NIST traceable calibration services for your electronic, physical, and dimensional test and measuring equipment, along with an online asset management platform that ensures compliance and enhances quality control.

We also provide expertise in both electronic and mechanical calibration, as well as the benefits of our fast and convenient on-site calibration service.

Request a Quote

You’re just a click away from requesting a quote for our premium calibration service. At EML Calibration, we’re committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers. We understand that every customer has unique requirements and we strive to adapt accordingly.

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Here’s what makes us stand out:

  • Accreditation: We adhere strictly to international standards and hold ISO/IEC accreditation, ensuring that you receive services of the highest quality.
  • Personalized Service: Your unique needs drive us! We tailor our calibration services to match your specific requirements.
  • Efficient Process: Requesting a quote is as easy as clicking a button on our website.

In choosing EML Calibration, you’re selecting a partner dedicated not only to fulfilling your immediate requests but also committed to maintaining long-term relationships built on trust and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, we identify the instrument’s accuracy then compare it to a standard. We’ll adjust the instrument if necessary, and then document this process. It’s important to verify its accuracy post-adjustment as well.

You should calibrate your equipment regularly to maintain accuracy. The frequency depends on its usage and the manufacturer’s guidelines, but typically, it’s done annually. Remember, regular calibration ensures reliable results and prolongs equipment life.

All of our calibration technicians undergo extensive training. They learn how to use calibration equipment, understand measurement principles, and study quality standards. Ongoing education is also essential to keep up with technological advancements in the field.

Yes, there are industries where calibration is particularly crucial. In healthcare, aviation, and manufacturing sectors, precision is vital to ensure safety and quality. So, calibration becomes paramount in these kinds of environments.

Yes, calibration services can be performed both onsite and in a laboratory. It’s all about your convenience and the type of equipment that needs calibrating. At EML Calibration, we’ll adapt to meet your specific requirements.

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